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Bill Simmons’ Decision

The link is to the video of Bill Simmons’ version of “The Decision” from Sportsnation.  Some rare camera time for The Sports Guy.  I hope to see more.  Worth checking out.  Usually his humor doesn’t translate as well on TV, but in this instance, he kills it.

As much as I despise SportsNation because it’s a horrible show, this piece was pretty good.  There might be some light at the end of the tunnel here.  And by tunnel I mean the vision of ESPN Execs who have let SportsNation go on for more than a year now.

With that said, my girl M. Beadle has been looking fantastic lately.  It took me a while to come around, but I officially enjoy her as a personality and as something quite nice to look at.  As Disney Princess Andrews is no longer concerning herself with the likes of lowly ESPN, Beadle might have to carry the torch of hottest female on the worldwide leader.  Erin actually attempted to pass the aforementioned torch to Rachel Nichols but she dropped it and then lit her hair on fire.

That’s all for now.  Quick post to get the link out there.  Enjoy.