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Remember What Sportscenter Used to Look Like?

Old Sportscenter Graphis

This was high-tech back in the day.

Sportscenter threw it back today and showed some footage from Super Bowl XXXI in 1997.  They showed this graphic and I got all nostalgic.  I saw this graphic everyday before 4th grade. Then I put on my sweatpants, laced up my LA Lights and went to school.

I’m sure some of you out there remember this as well.  Dan Patrick was doing the highlights.  Still one of the best ever.


ESPN To Give University of Texas A TV Station, Still Leaving us 5 ESPNs Away From The Ocho

ESPN.com — ESPN and the University of Texas will combine on a 24-hour television network showing Longhorns sports as well as original series, studio shows, historical programming and other academic and cultural events.

There also will be an online component to the network offering content not featured on the linear TV feed.

ESPN will help develop, launch and operate the network, according to a news release. The deal is worth $300 million over 20 years. The network will launch in September.

Included in the coverage will be at least one exclusive football game, eight men’s basketball games, women’s basketball coverage of games not televised elsewhere, and Olympic sports coverage. There will also be pregame and postgame shows for football and basketball games, coaches’ shows for every sport Texas sponsors and other daily programming.

In addition, there will be university news, coverage of lectures and visiting speakers along with commencement ceremonies, and even high school coverage on an authenticated online/broadband site.

“This is an extremely exciting new venture for our university,” University of Texas president William Powers said in a statement. “With our partners, we are now able to increase the exposure of our outstanding athletics programs and our first-class academic and cultural communities. This agreement provides significant new resources to enhance faculty and academic support.”

“This network is a testament to the school’s remarkable, tradition-rich success and widespread, devoted fan base,” ESPN president George Bodenheimer said in a statement.

ESPN is getting $300 million dollars from the University of Texas to basically make ESPNLonghorns.  A lot of you might be saying “What the fuck Texas, why do you think you should have your own ESPN? This is dumb.”  Well, here is your answer:

Lots of people were snickering and saying similarly negative things when The Big Ten partnered with FOX back in August 2007 to make “The Big Ten Network.”  (Unless you are a shitty Big Ten fan and were saying “Great, now there’s a place I can watch Iowa college soccer on a consistent basis!”)  Either way, the only people laughing now are the Big Ten schools, which were paid $72 million by the network in 2008-2009.  A network that is estimated last year to have grown to 42 million subscribers, $230 million in revenue, and $76 million in cash flow.  If you already hated the Big Ten for avoiding a conference championship game like Justin Beiber avoids hitting puberty then I apologize for fueling the flame.

So while other CONFERENCES like the Big East and Pac 10 are looking into their own TV deals – which seem like no-brainers based on the Big Ten’s success – Texas went ahead and said we’ll go Yankees style and just get a TV station of our own.  ESPN heard about the offer and had it’s pants off before the two even hit the bedroom.  ESPN President George Bodenheimer’s quote in the story actually left off the ending.  It should read: “This network is a testament to the school’s remarkable, tradition-rich success and widespread, devoted fan base…and the absurd amount of money we are going to make off of it and all the other schools that will want their own network.”

As stupid as Texas having their own TV station sounds, and as much as I hate giving the Big Ten credit for anything, this will make sense and make lots of money for both sides of the deal.  And as Cam Newton’s dad taught us this year, money is really all that matters in college athletics.

WTF Wojo?

Gene Wojo's Column on ESPN.com

Really, Wojo? Sphincter? How is that necessary?

Gene Wojciechowski had an interesting choice in his new NFL playoff article on ESPN.com.  He used the term “Sphincter muscle factor” as one of the categories to analyze each team. I’m dumbfounded here.

Sphincter muscle factor? Really Gene? I hardly think that’s on par with “stat that will amaze and astound your friends.”  Let’s just get past the fact that it is incredibly too graphic and no one is really sure what you were going for here; how exactly is “Falcons are ranked 22nd against the pass. Is that a good thing when you’re facing the Packers?” a sphincter muscle factor?

Why not just take the next step and say “Jay Cutler will shit the bed this week against Seattle.” Wojo, you aren’t funny on Around the Horn, you aren’t funny when you write.  Leave the funny stuff to Simmons and Easterbrook and give me analysis sans the rectal anatomy lesson.

Here is the link to the article for reference sake: http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/columns/story?columnist=wojciechowski_gene&page=wojciechowski/110112&sportCat=nfl.

Streak for the Cash Pick 1/13

Streak for the Cash Pick 1/13/2011

Take Providence with the AOR tonight.


For those of you out there who close your eyes and pick whatever random Streak for the Cash pops up on ESPN.com or the iPhone App (awesome and the only reason I still do SFC), you need some guidance.  As someone who has had multiple streaks above 10, I figured I would help one of you win the cash prize so that you will then tell everyone where you got the advice from when you win.

Take these picks seriously.  There is money on the line here.  You must remain calm in the process of picking SFC and you can’t get too excited.  Much like people on the Price is Right who are just happy to be there and don’t take it seriously.  Don’t waste opportunities like this.  Tosh can explain it a little better than I can here.

I’ll try to post my picks everyday and you all can ride my wave of victory to the promised land.

Today 1/13: Providence goes to WVU.  The line on the game is WVU -9.5, but SFC has them laying 15+.  The Mountaineers have only won two games this year by 15+, and they were against clown squads VMI and Bobby Mo (Robert Morris for those of you not from The Burgh).  Meanwhile, Providence hasn’t lost by more than 15 all season, and Pitt only beat them by four.  Easy pick here, Big East games like this always stay within ten either way.  Providence AOR is the pick.

Bill Simmons’ Decision

The link is to the video of Bill Simmons’ version of “The Decision” from Sportsnation.  Some rare camera time for The Sports Guy.  I hope to see more.  Worth checking out.  Usually his humor doesn’t translate as well on TV, but in this instance, he kills it.

As much as I despise SportsNation because it’s a horrible show, this piece was pretty good.  There might be some light at the end of the tunnel here.  And by tunnel I mean the vision of ESPN Execs who have let SportsNation go on for more than a year now.

With that said, my girl M. Beadle has been looking fantastic lately.  It took me a while to come around, but I officially enjoy her as a personality and as something quite nice to look at.  As Disney Princess Andrews is no longer concerning herself with the likes of lowly ESPN, Beadle might have to carry the torch of hottest female on the worldwide leader.  Erin actually attempted to pass the aforementioned torch to Rachel Nichols but she dropped it and then lit her hair on fire.

That’s all for now.  Quick post to get the link out there.  Enjoy.