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Donovan McNabb, Redskin?

There might not be much of this happening in DC this year.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, Donovan McNabb was just traded to the Washington Redskins.  It’s assumed that the Redskins are going to be giving up at least their second rounder (37th overall), which would satisfy the Eagles’ stipulation of getting a top-42 pick back for the embattled soup-spokesman.  There also may or may not be a 3rd or 4th Round pick in 2011 involved.

The speculation of a McNabb deal has been swirling for the last couple weeks, but with it actually happening it tells me one thing:  The Eagles have devalued Donovan McNabb so much that they are okay with not only taking a chance on Kevin Kolb but having their decision directly affect them if they are wrong.

Originally I assumed that maybe it was a decision based on the fact that both parties just needed a change; McNabb with a new start and the Eagles with a new quarterback.  That’s why the Raiders made sense.

But with the Eagles trading McNabb, a six-time Pro Bowler, within their own division, it means that this was not just a change-of-scenery situation.  They uprooted him as their starting quarterback (after a 2009 season in which he had a 92.9 QB Rating), and guaranteed the fact that they would play him twice a year.

A pissed-off, chunky soup-full McNabb coming back to Philly as a Redskin?  Not quite Wrangler Jeans-wearing Favre in Lambeau as a Viking, but still pretty good.  If nothing else, this just proves the NFL is a business.  Loyalty is only ever an illusion.

Most importantly, this postpones my dreams of Aloha Colt Brennan being one torn MCL from being the next Tom Brady.  It also is just another of the seemingly endless votes of no-confidence in Jason Campbell.  Here is how Campbell and his new teammate compared last year:

Campbell: 16 games started (4-12), 64.5% Completions, 3618 yards, 20-15 TD-INT, 43 sacks, 86.4 QBR

McNabb: 14 games started (10-4), 60.3% Completions, 3553 yards, 22-10 TD-INT, 35 sacks, 92.9 QBR

Besides the wins and losses, not an overwhelming statistical difference.  Also consider Campbell’s QB Rating has improved each of the four years he has been in the league, and McNabb is 33 years old and on the downward curve of his career.

I can’t really figure this one out from the Redskins’ perspective.  They aren’t close enough to gamble away a highly valuable pick (37th overall) for a one-to-three year window with McNabb where he can still perform at his expected level.

The Eagles do have a history of parting ways with players maybe a little too soon as opposed to a little too late, so this should only be surprising that they traded him within the NFC East.

I can’t decide who makes out in this one, but right now it looks like a good deal for the Eagles.  At the very least, we should get some classic passive-aggressive soundbites from McNabb and two great Eagles-Redskins games this year.

I do have a feeling Redskins fans won’t like it too much though…Interested to see how the gauntlet of ESPN analysts feel about this one.