Possibly the Best Soccer Goal Ever

I’ve been trying to do this in FIFA for about four years now and Dejan Stankovic just shows me up in real life.  Every time I try to sneak one in from midfield on someone that came too far out, the ball casually floats to the keeper  like Chad Pennington threw it.  Dejan just pures the B button and perfectly volleys the ball out of mid-air after whoever was controlling the FC Schalke goalie made the smart move and held down Y to bring him out for the clear.  The shot goes 5o yards on a god damn rope that only rises a couple feet higher than the cross bar the entire time.  The ball goes in the back of the net while the keeper has the same look on his face as Jesse did when the whale jumps over him at the end of Free Willy.

The fact that he even attempted this shot made me wonder who this jamoch is.   Turns out he was also the 2009 FIFA Beach World Cup MVP winning both the Golden Ball and the Golden Shoe.  Before you ask how he won both the Golden Ball and the Golden Shoe, or what either of those are, the answer is yes…there is a FIFA Beach World Cup and it is awesome.  It may or may not be the most underrated event to go to and watch drunk.  The Stank scored 16 goals in 6 games, including the following, which may have been better if you throw out the fact that they are actually playing soccer on a beach:


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