White Kids Make Rap About Indiana, Which Makes Total Sense

As seen on Barstool U.

Making a rap video about Indiana University basketball is like writing a symphony about the University of Miami football.  Just doesn’t fit the culture if you get what I mean.  However Indiana students Brice and Daniel — virginity-in-tact –still decided to make a rap video where everyone is pretty excited about the fact that their basketball team is currently 10-9 and has gone 26-55 in the last three years.  Go figure.  I mean there were a couple highlights:

-A few smokeshows, one of whom is the only black person in the whole video and I’m assuming the entire school.

-After singing about all of their “banners on the wall” (none of which have come in the last 23 years),  at 2:20 into the song we get to the bridge.  So naturally, keeping with the rich tradition of Indiana basketball, an Asian kid in a suit with a red mohawk plays the violin.  Wish I could make that shit up.

I know these kids didn’t get any from the smokeshows in the video, but if it got them a handy or two from some girl in the band, then mission accomplished.  Now go help your program climb out of the asshole of the Big Ten.


2 responses to “White Kids Make Rap About Indiana, Which Makes Total Sense

  1. LOL…yo! I am l find your article hillarious. Keep it up

  2. I find your posting really funny, please continue to entertain and inform…

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