WTF Wojo?

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Really, Wojo? Sphincter? How is that necessary?

Gene Wojciechowski had an interesting choice in his new NFL playoff article on  He used the term “Sphincter muscle factor” as one of the categories to analyze each team. I’m dumbfounded here.

Sphincter muscle factor? Really Gene? I hardly think that’s on par with “stat that will amaze and astound your friends.”  Let’s just get past the fact that it is incredibly too graphic and no one is really sure what you were going for here; how exactly is “Falcons are ranked 22nd against the pass. Is that a good thing when you’re facing the Packers?” a sphincter muscle factor?

Why not just take the next step and say “Jay Cutler will shit the bed this week against Seattle.” Wojo, you aren’t funny on Around the Horn, you aren’t funny when you write.  Leave the funny stuff to Simmons and Easterbrook and give me analysis sans the rectal anatomy lesson.

Here is the link to the article for reference sake:


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