Cromartie v. Brady: Behind the Numbers

I'd bet Brady's "mothers" may be slightly more attractive than Cromartie's as well. And less coked-out.

Saw this screenshot from a Comcast broadcast on Barstool.  One of the better graphics I’ve ever seen.  Nine kids by 26?  This is rivaling some of the greats like Travis Henry and Shawn Kemp.  Funny enough, the most ridiculous stat on that page is the four interceptions by Brady this year.


What is the over/under on the number of kids Cromartie finishes with here?  I’d put it at 12.  He has to slow down at some point, right?  If he continues at this pace (a kid every 2.8 years or 1,054 days), and we conservatively estimate he will live to be 62 (the average of 69.7 years average life expectancy for african-american males and 55 years for NFL players), he should end up with about 22 kids.  I say we bump the over/under to 15.  How this isn’t a prop bet somewhere is beyond me.  Speaking of good props that could come out of this, how bout this one: More likely to be a professional athlete, a kid of Brady’s or a kid of Cromarties?  Odds are JET Brady or Ben Brady, with perhaps the genealogy of the next step in the evolution of the human race (Brady+Bridget Moynihan or Brady+Gisele), turns out to be a stud quarterback.  However, Cromartie has at least nine shots at this thing, and odds are he can get an NFL or NBA guy out of there somewhere, especially with the family already having multiple guys in the NFL (Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie).  These are the kind of debates that should be on SportsNation by the way.  I’d say odds are Future Cromartie +400, Future Brady +1250, Neither -110.

In relation, here is the clip from Hard Knocks this year where Cromartie tries to remember all of his kids and their names.  Give the guy a break it’s hard to keep this stuff straight.  I’m sure he does fine with a playbook.

What does SportsNation think?



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